Coaching and Consulting


Even within challenging constraints, Heather did an amazing job guiding and mentoring us… I highly recommend her to any corporate group.

- Dr. Ulli Waltinger, Head of the Machine Intelligence Research Group and the Founder and Co-Head of the Siemens AI Lab at Siemens Corporate Technology

As a facilitator myself (for the United Nations, governments of countries in conflict, and humanitarian/development nonprofits), I'm in awe at Heather's ability to engage participants authentically and in their own language, somehow seeming to meet each individual where they stand, fully aware of the reality that engineers and artists and accountants and HR managers are rarely ever standing in the same place. This is not a common talent, and I don't know how she navigates personalities and varying skill levels among participants so effortlessly. She knows how to step out of and back into the core curriculum more skillfully than any facilitator I've ever observed, assuring participants feel gotten. Another attendee said he somehow felt like he was both at recess and sitting in on his favorite guest lecturer at the same time. I laughed at the comment, but it resonated. I hope someone leaves a workshop of mine saying that one day.

- Logan S., Founder & CEO, Impactfolio

Thanks to Heather, I am CRUSHING it this year at work. My leadership skills have probably 5xed. Nonviolent communication and empathy are like freaky superpowers. 

I was really impressed by Heather’s facilitation—her ability to transfer useful models, zoom in on subtleties, and connect with the group, as well as charismatically holding the room and leading with authenticity. I’ve experienced a lot of facilitators, and she’s the best I’ve seen.

- senior engineer at Uber. 

My team is an *especially* tough crowd, and we were very impressed with Heather. Usually this type of soft skills group work comes across as either pretentious or childish, but she managed to strike a balance that had everyone feel engaged and open. She backed everything up with science so we engineers felt on board, and she was very authentic, which stood out and built trust. One of our old timer team members said she’s the best facilitator he’s ever experienced.

- Nora, Artificial intelligence researcher at siemens


I would highly recommend Heather to anyone. She's incredibly perceptive and practically magical in her ability to get what I'm going through and how I feel, while still maintaining a broader perspective and skillfully goading me to grow. In our first session alone, Heather helped me unblock an impasse I was stuck on for a year and a half at work, which bled into my personal life. I finally felt freed up, invigorated, and "on" again.

- Dr. P.K., physician

Heather's coaching drove my success, achieving the results I needed in a high-stakes, competitive environment. I had worked on my own to the point of frustration. Thanks to Heather's calm presence, actionable advice, and strategic thinking, I was able to move past my impediments and implement specific strategies to improve my performance. Thanks so much Heather for all the help!

- Alissa, healthcare consultant

I would wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone, including those who didn't even know they were in need of coaching. She is the most attentive and perceptive person I have yet to encounter. Through her guidance, I have grown in ways that have made me challenge why and how I implement certain actions, and my personal and professional choices are now much more aligned with my long-term goals.

 - A., internationally acclaimed grafitti artist

Coaching, in depth


I never saw myself as someone who could use a coach. By most accounts, my life was one of great success. But something was off. I tried to blow past it for a while, telling myself I had my mind on more important, big picture things, like I was too virtuous to bother with the warning signals. After a chance conversation with Heather left me feeling better than I'd felt in a long time, I couldn't ignore my curiosity about why that was, nor my growing awareness that there was work to be done.

My time working with Heather was transformative, and the other side of this tunnel feels amazing. I’ve found renewed focus and commitment to my goals. I find myself excelling at work, not only through focus, but through a level of optimistic leadership that had eluded me in the past. I now have what seems like communication superpowers, especially when addressing sensitive or contentious topics, thanks to Heather’s coaching. My relationships on all levels are thriving, more meaningful, and more aligned with the type of people I want in my life.

Through a series of challenging one-on-one sessions, Heather guided me in diagnosing areas of behavior and patterns of thought that were sabotaging my success and influence. 

The thing I valued most was her keen observation and deep commitment to getting to truth. She was uncompromising with her attention to detail in holding me accountable, yet unwavering in her support and belief that I could and should become the person we both believed me capable of. I find this flavor of hard, compassionate, critical honesty incredibly rare, and yet so essential when trying to shine a light on the parts of my self—personality and belief—that were most stubborn to change. 

Heather had the social grace and emotional intelligence to pace and deliver insights with compassion, as fast and only as fast as I was ready for them. She demonstrated comprehensive and technical knowledge of the established systems and vocabulary which let me cross reference, validate, and do further research on the advice she was giving, which was crucial for me to trust insights which I didn't always want to believe. As I worked through the process of establishing new patterns of behavior and discarding outdated beliefs, these traits made Heather an invaluable anchor to what I was trying to achieve.

The effects have been most pronounced in my work as a leader in a fast-paced, world-class software engineering team; however, Heather’s work impacts every facet of my life. The result is that I feel a resilient confidence and peace that comes from believing my thoughts, emotional body, and patterns of behavior are in deep integrity with my values and beliefs.

I would recommend working with Heather to anyone who is ready to question assumptions on every level about what is holding them back from achieving their ambitions, and who values quick, efficient, and fearless communication with their advisers.

- luke, tech lead at Uber  

*name changed and title blurred for anonymity