If you want a coach who consults astrology and utilizes crystals to clear energy, I’m not the right coach for you.

I also won’t insist on what your experience is. A lot of coaches declare what’s happening for a client—how they’re hiding or feeling, etc. This flexes “subjective validation,” a cognitive bias in which the listener is likely to agree, even when the statement is incorrect or a red herring partial truth. In addition to being ethically dodgy and a time sink, it inhibits the client’s skill development.  

Coaching is an unregulated industry with no barrier to entry.

I’m good. If you’ve found me, you were referred here. I could write copy to ramp you up with warm and fuzzy or exciting terms about empowerment and personal transformation. If you’re like me, that will come across as fluff over substance.

I will call you out when you need it and empathize so you know I get you. From a foundation of trust you can grow, and I’ll titrate my feedback to goad you towards or to the edge of your comfort zone, pending what you prefer and what works for you. 

You'll be at ease with and have a much greater sense of self,  you'll have far richer relationships that you want, and your life will be deeply values aligned. You'll also have more access to joy—because when we un-numb the things we do not want to feel, we feel our positive feelings with greater depth and vibrance.